Private Lesson Information

Private Guitar Lesson Tuition Information:

Back when I was a beginning guitar player I took lessons from many teachers. With the exception of a couple of my very good teachers, I was never satisfied with the lessons I was given and from what my present students tell me, it has not changed much. I use to leave my lesson with pieces of paper that my teacher scribbled on and would be more confused then when I walked in. Does this sound familiar? You pay a lot of money for these lessons and you never get any better with your playing.

If you would like to take guitar lessons from a very dedicated teacher who has affordable rates and will have you leave each lesson with an organized lesson plan then I am the instructor for you!

I have a technique for teaching where my students can achieve very fast results. By studying from me you will gain knowledge in Improvisation, Technique, Scales, Chords, Arpeggio's, Theory, Songwriting and much more. My students gain confidence and learn how to stay focused while practicing. I teach ages 12 and up and believe you are never too old to learn. All you need is a guitar and the desire!

I currently offer Electric & Acoustic guitar lessons at the following locations:

Option 1: My Private Studio, Doylestown, PA

Option 2: Online using Webex. 

My focused styles of playing are Jazz, Rock, Fusion & Blues! *Adult students love my improvisation lessons.

Please contact me to set up lessons.

Tuition for In Person & Online Guitar Lessons 

Lessons are offered on a weekly basis at the rate of:

$60.00 per 60-minute lesson ($240 for a 4 lesson Month) or ($300 for a 5 lesson Month)

Bi-Weekly lessons are also available!